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San Juan del Sur, Fishing Trips, Surfboards, Snorkeling, Beaches, ATV, Accommodation, Fishing Poles, Beach Transport, Turtle Tour, Horseback riding, Beach Chairs, Beach Umbrellas, Night Fishing, Surfing Lessons, Boogie Boards, Booze - Sunset cruise, etc.


  • Booze - Sunset Cruise

    Booze - Sunset Cruise.

    Now , this is the one and only, Numero Uno. The best two hours in Nicaragua guaranteed. For only $20, you get a open bar, incredible panoramic views, hidden coves, fishing, and possibly some wildlife, not including yours of course. We created it and improving it. Over 3000 guests have enjoyed this tour and many come back. We forgot to mention the awesome crew. You will love it. Guaranteed or your money back.

    Booze Cruise


  • Fishing Charters

    Fishing Charters.

    Gabriela V, 31ft. panga, is the ultimate in comfort. She is the one you want when you want it all, comfort ,jams, and electronics. She is the fishing machine. Go out 20 or 30 miles in search of Sailfish, Marlin and Dorados

    Fishing Charters
    25 Ft.-4 cap. 31Ft.&33Ft. 10


  • urfing Lessons

    Surfing Lessons.

    We have a fantastic crew of instructors. They all have over 8 years of surfing experience. The head instructor has 30 years. Our lessons follow the recommendations set forth by the ISA(International Surfing Association). We provide the transport to the beach, rashgaurd, two hours of instruction and board usage for the entire day We will also travel to your location for a small travel fee.


  • Night Fhishing

    Night Fishing Trips.

    If you want to try out something you have never done before, you have to do this. Join us for a night out on the seas aboard Gabriela V. We will go after some delightfully delicious Pargo (Snapper). We will enjoy fishing under the stars and moonlight. Our boat is equipped with a submersible lights, full night lights and soothing stereo system. Don't forget your cold beers and a few friends. You won't need sun block on this fishing trip.

    Night Fishing-Min. 5 to go.


  • Surf trips by Boat

    Surf Trips by Boat.

    We have a nice variety of boats for your search of perfect waves. Leave the crowds behind and possibly catch your dinner for the night. Gabriela IV is a 25ft panga with a 140 hp Suzuki engine, stereo system and all of the necessary electronics, perfect wave searching machine.

    Surf Trips by Boat
    25 Ft.-6 cap. 31 Ft.-10 cap.


  • Snorkeling


    Come an enjoy the beautiful under water world just outside of San Juan del Sur Bay. We are fully equipped with 14 sets of snorkeling gear, so whether your group is large or small, we will take care of you. You will be accompanied on your 4 hour trip by our experienced guide to assure your safety and experience.

    Snorkeling-4 min.


  • Hookah Diving

    Hookah Diving.

    Come and experience the underwater world surrounding San Juan del Sur. Stay down 15 to 20 minutes at a time to fully enjoy the aquatic wildlife. You will be accompanied by a guide during your dive.

    Hookah Diving
    Min. of 4 guests-4 hour tour.

  • Spearfishing


    Feel the adrenaline of hunting for your dinner in their enviroment. It is a challenge and a rush. We recommend that you have good snorkeling skills.
    This is a four hour tour.

    Min. of 4 guests-4 hour tour.

  • Playa Hermosa

    Playa Hermosa.

    Come and join us at the most beautiful and safe beach in southern Nicaragua. Voted as the #1 beach by Nicaragua Surf Report and home to Survivor Nicaragua. You may never want to leave this pristine family farm where you can also see baby turtles hatching. You will love this place.

    Playa Hermosa Transport

  • Surfboard Rentals

    Surfboard Rentals.

    Leave your surfboards at home and save on board bag fees at the airport. We have over 300 surfboards in town. From expert level 6’0 rip sticks to beginner soft tops for lessons. San Juan del Sur Surf and Sport has over 30 boards on hand. If we do not have what you need , we will get it for you. We will also deliver boards to your location near San Juan del Sur for a small delivery fee. Daily, weekly or monthly rental.

  • Boogie Boards Rentals.

    Boogie Boards Rentals.

    We have over 8 No. 6 boogie boards available. Top of the line. They are available for daily, weekly or monthly rental.

  • Beach Umbrellas.

    Beach Umbrellas.

    We only carry the best! Stay out of the sun and save your skin. We carry Fiberbuilt beach umbrellas. The same ones you find in Miami and Fort Lauderdale beach. We can deliver them to your location or come by the shop to pick them up. Daily, weekly and monthly rates available.


  • Beach Chairs.

    Beach Chairs.

    We carry the hammock style beach chairs for your complete comfort. They are made in Masaya by hand.


  • Fishing Poles.

    Fishing Poles.

    This is where it gets good! We have over 20 fishing pole sets. We carry Shimano baitrunners and Penn Internation offshore tackle.


  • Turtle Tours.

    Turtle Tours.

    This is a must see experience. We will take you to the reserve of La Flor where the Olive Ridley turtles come year after year to lay their eggs. If you get lucky you may also see the hatchling make a run to the ocean. By the way you may also see some bioluminescence in the waves. Get ready for some fireworks. We usually leave around 7 pm. June- December is the season.


  • Whale Watching Tours.

    Whale Watching Tours.

    The Humpback Whales visit us every year from January to late March or early April. Magnificent creatures of the sea. You will truly appreciate the ocean and its creatures once you see them in their full glory. You will also see dolphins cruising in the nearby. They tend to cruise together. This is a 4 hour tour.

    Whale watching per person
    Season from December to March


  • Horseback Riding

    Horseback Riding.

    You have a few options here. It can be a few hours or a day adventure. We have partnered with Finca Palermo, Playa Hermosa Surf Camp and Rancho Chilamate. You will get to experience the great outdoors with some beautiful horse in an awesome terrain.. mountains and beaches.


  • ATV Rentals.

    ATV Rentals.

    Get ready to do some off roading. There is a large selection of bikes to choose from. You decide weather it is guided or not. We provide everything including some breath taking view and some bone rattling terrain. So, Take it easy.


  • Canopy Tour.

    Canopy Tour.

    There is one word for Da Flying Frog—Awesome. Make sure you bring your canmera. You will feel like you are in Tarzan's back yard, especially in the rainy season. 17 stations and 2.5 kilometers of pure Jungle like scenery. This is the real deal. Best of all they have two cables and an excellent crew for your safety.



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