Whatever it is you desire to experience within your trip to Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur is the ideal location to use as your central hub for your Nica-Adventures. With San Juan del Sur and its small town feeling, chances are you'll quickly find yourself feeling very at home in this town nestled at the side of it's picturesque bay.

From our world-class customer service to our top of the line boats, surfboards and lessons, fishing gear, to professionally experienced guides, San Juan del Sur Surf & Sport has whatever is needed to facilitate any of the infinite opportunities for excitement and relaxation there is to be offered in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

Gabriela IV, 25 ft panga and Gabriela V, 31ft. pangas, are the ultimate in comfort. They are the ones you want when you want it all, comfort ,jams, and electronics; They are  fishing machines.
The half-day or full-day charter will take you offshore from San Juan del Sur, weather permiting. Both boats have a capacity of 1-4 anglers, and the 31-foot boat can handle 6 anglers. Experience the ultimate in sport fishing comfort as you search for mackerel, jack, black and white tunas, and snapper. If you're in search of sailfish, marlin, and Dorado you'll head out 10 to 15 miles on our fullday charter.
Enjoy music, refreshments, and fruit on board. Snacks are provided on full-day trips. An unforgettable experience awaits you!

Take a leap into luxury in Southern Nicaragua. Enjoy the ultimate in luxury and comfort during your visit in San Juan del Sur.

The Virgin Explorer is a 56 foot luxury cruiser. It's amenities include 3 bedrooms, 3 heads (bathrooms), as well as an air-conditioned stateroom and cabins.

During your voyage you will enjoy excellent attention from our Captain and the staff of San Juan Del Sur Surf and Sport. If you would like added comfort enjoy our air conditioned cabin.

We offer a diverse offerings of day cruises and sunset tours. We can also arrange an overnight cruise to experience the full beauty of the Nicaraguan coastline and night sky.

We look forward to assisting you and your family or party!

Custom Services, Schedules and Offerings Available

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If it is not happening on the troll, we take it to the bottom.
It is a great value for you to get your lines tight during your visit to San Juan del Sur. It is fun and at the same time exciting as we search out our favorite fishing holes for delicious snapper. Take in the beautiful scenery where mountains and ocean meets enjoying your favorite tunes. Great trip for the little anglers in the family.
We provide the cooler full of ice so make sure you bring plenty of brews and refreshments. We also provide all of the bait and fishing equipment.
This is a four hour trip.

Take an exciting cruise along the beautiful Pacific coastline on the Sunset tour in San Juan del Sur. As soon as you push off from the shore, the music starts and the bar is  open. You have your choice of soft drinks, beer, or local rum. Enjoy unlimited drinks the entire 2-hour tour!
Enjoy the amazing panoramic views as the sunsets over the horizon, and sit back for a chat with the friendly staff or your fellow passengers. Keep your eyes open for some of the local marine wildlife, as this  cruise has spotted plenty of dolphins and whales in the past.
The cruise also includes some trolling, a traditional fishing method with lines dragged behind the boat. Any fresh fish that we catch will be yours for dinner.
Stay refreshed and enjoy Nicaragua's amazing natural beauty. Experience for yourself why this sunset cruise has become a favorite for visitors from all over the world. Over 5000 guests have enjoyed this tour and many come back.

This is a must do tour for the family or a group of friends that want to have a relaxing day during your visit to San Juan del Sur. Costa Blanca is a pristine protected cove 10 kms north of SJDS and a great place to snorkel, swim or just relax.  On this 5 hour trip you will see the beautiful southern Nicaragua coastline from a Dolphins point of view and you may actually see dolphins, sea turtles and humpback whales when in season on your choice of either one of our 25 ft. or 31 ft. boats.

Come and enjoy the beautiful underwater world just outside of San Juan del Sur Bay. We are fully equipped with 14 sets of snorkeling gear, so whether your group is large or small, we will take care of you. You will be accompanied on your 4 hour trip by our experienced guide to assure your safety and experience. We generally leave at 9 am.

All equipment included

Our lessons follow the recommendations set forth by the ISA(International Surfing Association). We provide the transport to the beach, rashgaurd, two hours of instruction and board usage for the entire day. Maximum 3 students per instructor. A wide range of surfboards is available. Get in touch with the waves and stand up and ride them.

One-on- One lessons are also available.

There are few things comparable to feeling the adrenaline of hunting for your dinner in their environment. It is both a challenge and a rush (especially for any hunter or sportsman).
We do recommend that you have good snorkeling skills.

This is a four-hour tour.
Departure time: 9:00 am
All equipment included

Explore mountains and beaches by horse. Enjoy your horseback riding to the mountain and different beaches and see everything in its natural. We have 4 schedules 9am,11am,1pm and 3pm. Want to enjoy the mountains and beach, get 2 hours or more.

There is one word for Da Flying Frog—Awesome. Make sure you bring your camera. You will feel like you are in Tarzan's back yard, especially in the rainy season. 17 stations and 2.5 kilometers of pure Jungle like scenery. This is the real deal. Best of all they have two cables and an excellent crew for your safety. There are some schedules to choose from, 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm and 3pm. Be at our office 10 minutes prior to departure time. Pick up and drop off included, not matter how many people you have in your group. 2 and 3 hour tours Available.
Duration: 1 ¼ hours.
Schedules: 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm.

This is a must see experience. We will take you to the reserve of La Flor where the Olive Ridley turtles come year after year to lay their eggs. Take excellent photos of the arrivals. Thousands of turtles come every year. We usually leave around 7 pm. June- December is the season.

Average Departure time: 7pm
Entrance fee included

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