Booze Sunset Cruise

Take an exciting cruise along the beautiful Pacific coastline on the Sunset tour in San Juan del Sur. As soon as you push off from the shore, the music starts and the bar is  open. You have your choice of soft drinks, beer, or local rum. Enjoy unlimited drinks the entire 2-hour tour!

Enjoy the amazing panoramic views as the sunsets over the horizon, and sit back for a chat with the friendly staff or your fellow passengers. Keep your eyes open for some of the local marine wildlife, as this  cruise has spotted plenty of dolphins and whales in the past.

The cruise also includes some trolling, a traditional fishing method with lines dragged behind the boat. Any fresh fish that we catch will be yours for dinner.

Stay refreshed and enjoy Nicaragua's amazing natural beauty. Experience for yourself why this sunset cruise has become a favorite for visitors from all over the world. Over 8,000 guests have enjoyed this tour and many come back.

$24 Per Person

Minimum of 8 people(or the equivalent price)

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