Fishing Excursions

Gabriela IV

Gabriela IV, 25 ft panga and Gabriela V, 31ft. pangas, are the ultimate in comfort. They are the ones you want when you want it all, comfort ,jams, and electronics. They are  fishing machines.
The half-day or full-day charter will take you offshore from San Juan del Sur, weather permiting. Both boats have a capacity of 1-4 anglers, and the 31-foot boat can handle 6 anglers.

Experience the ultimate in sport fishing comfort as you search for mackerel, jack, black and white tunas, and snapper. If you're in search of sailfish, marlin, and Dorado you'll head out 10 to 15 miles on our fullday charter.
Enjoy music, refreshments, and fruit on board. Snacks are provided on full-day trips. An unforgettable experience awaits you!

Gabriela IV, 25 ft. Boat - Half Day 4.5 hrs

Gabriela IV, 25 ft. Boat - Full Day 8 hrs

Gabriela V

Gabriela V, 31 ft. Boat - Half Day 4.5 hrs

Gabriela V, 31 ft. Boat - Full Day 8 hrs

The Hatteras, 37 ft. Charter - 5 Hours

The Hatteras, 37 ft. Charter - 8 Hours

Bottom Fishing

If it is not happening on the troll, we take it to the bottom.
It is a great value for you to get your lines tight during your visit to San Juan del Sur. It is fun and at the same time exciting as we search out our favorite fishing holes for delicious snapper. Take in the beautiful scenery where mountains and ocean meets enjoying your favorite tunes. Great trip for the little anglers in the family.
We provide the cooler full of ice so make sure you bring plenty of brews and refreshments. We also provide all of the bait and fishing equipment. This is a four hour trip.


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